The goal of is to display all Ford Courier nameplate vehicles across North America. This includes 1950s sedan delivery cars along with 70s and 80s pickup trucks in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Listed below you will learn how to effectively navigate our classifieds, how we create and manage our listings and how we curate our ads.

Please Contact Us should you have any questions.

Navigating our Classifieds

We have setup several streamlined navigation points to make it quick and easy for you to find what you want on our site.

Our Classifieds Navigation located in the right sidebar of our site (desktop) and below the content for mobile, is the easiest way to quickly segment our listings. Here you can sort by Model Year, Vehicle Location (down to city) or use our Search box for custom variables. If you simply want to see our most recent listings you can see the top 5 there as well.

If you simply want to see all Pickup Trucks or Sedan Delivery cars listed you can click on the appropriate body style in our header menu. To see our featured listings check out our Home Page.

If you have a Ford Courier you would like to see listed on our site use our Ad Submission page.


How we Create and Manage Listings

We get our ads from a few different sources listed below.

  • Posted directly to our site
  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Other Online Classifieds

You will find that a large portion of our ads are reposted from Craigslist as this is the most popular place online for buying and selling used cars and trucks. We encourage sellers who list with us to also post on Craigslist as it is the best LOCAL resource. One challenge with Craigslist though is that it is city by city and a catch-all for all types of vehicles.

This is where we come in. Our goal is to be focused on only the Ford Courier and show ads from across the country. Our goal is to be not only a complete picture of the current market but also as an archival resource for future buyers and sellers.


Ad Curation

Since most of our ads are reposted from other source there can at times be challenges with accuracy and timelines of data. We do our best to keep our ads up to date, accurate and provide the best information by which to contact the seller.

However from time to time ads are not marked as sold, or automatically generated emails for Craigslist will no longer work or be valid. As a safe guard against this we include the “Last Updated” date and “Ad Source” in all of our ads to give our visitors an idea of the ad aging. An old ad reposted from Craigslist may not necessary mean the vehicle is no longer available, however it is likely an indicator, if you have trouble reaching the seller.

Please take this into account before contacting us or commenting on a post. However if you come across and ad that you for sure know is SOLD / No Longer Available or might be a scam; please let us know on our Contact page.

Note: To eliminate issues with email deliverability, we post the sellers name and phone number if available. If you are a seller and would like this personal information removed, regardless of the vehicles status, please let us know and we will remove it right away.