1977 Pickup Truck in Seattle, WA

Last Updated: 5/28/2021

Asking Price: $3,800

1977 seattle wa

Key Vehicle Features

  • Model Year: 1977
  • Body Style: Pickup Truck
  • Odometer: Not Listed
  • Engine: See Below
  • Transmission: Automatic

Seller Information

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Name: Remy D.
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below


More Details & Photos

1977 Ford Courier

American Version of Mazda B-Series
Ford Built 2.3L Engine from Mustang 2
3 Speed Jatco Auto Transmission

Before going further, please understand that this is a lowered mini-truck. The ride is truly terrible. A small sacrifice for the amount of attention and fun you have with it. If you’re not comfortable scraping and driving slow, this isn’t the vehicle for you.

Hundreds of hours of work has been put into the vehicle during my ownership. As these are obviously rare, I’ve sourced parts for it all over the state and internet. The tailgate and front bumper, for instance, were found after phone calls and trips too multiple recycling centers and junkyards. I’ve purchased multiple NOS interior parts online for the vehicle which were priced for a pretty penny. The truck is lowered 4-inches all around on cut springs in the front and drop blocks in the rear. It has over $1000 in brand new wheels and tires that have less than 50 miles on them collectively. It’s a seriously cool little truck but it’s still a 44 year old vehicle. Clean title and VIN. It runs and drives great when it’s warmed up. It has always started but it requires some patience/learning with the choke. Here’s the break down.

Work performed in last 500 miles:
2x Oil and Filter Change
Coolant Flush
Transmission Fluid Flush
New Spark Plugs and Wires
New Alternator
New Timing and Accessory Belts
New Water Pump
New Thermostat
New Temperature Sending Unit
New Radiator Cap
New Fuel Filter
New Air Filter
New Door Locks and Keys
New KYB Front Shocks
New Rear 4-Inch Lowering Blocks
New Federal Tires
New Pacer 16×8 Wheels
EGR and Air Pump Delete
New Heater J Hose
NOS Front Side Reflectors
New Front Bumper
New Front Lip from VW Golf
NOS Dash Knobs and Door Knobs
NOS Chrome Window Trim
Fully Rolled Fenders

Comes with a few hundred dollars worth of parts including: a full brake overhaul, oil filters, multiple owners manuals, a full set of original smoothie wheels/tires with hub-caps, set of taillights, etc.

What it still needs:
Carb Rebuild (May just need to be tuned but starting it can be a chore.)
Wiper Blades work intermittently (Have included New Wiper Switch Relay to begin diagnosis but may be motor)
Coolant Overheating Light is frequently lit (Previous owner stated it was on for them as well. I replaced the Thermostat, Water Pump, Radiator Cap, Temperature Sending Unit, and performed a Coolant Flush but as the problem persists, I think it’s the wiring. I’ve driven this vehicle over 3 hours straight and have never had overheating issues or leaking.)
Driver Side Door Locks (When I purchased the vehicle, it had no locks for the doors.

As they don’t make the part anymore, I had to retrofit another Ford model key lock on. The driver side door lock intermittently gets stuck in the locked position. An arm in the door doesn’t always move low enough to release the lock. It normally just takes a screwdriver to partially remove the door panel and just forcibly pushing the arm into place for it to work. The passenger door always works so it’s not too much of a problem.)

Driver Side Window doesn’t roll up or down.
There’s dents – a lot of dents. I’ve replaced what I’ve could.

Again, because it’s lowered, the ride and steering is horrendous. If you’re still interested at this point, it shouldn’t be a problem to you.

I’m not in a rush to sell it but I would love it to goto someone who will continue to daily it and bring it to car events. Don’t be afraid to reach out.


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